Djembe Drums made by Jahman Sillah DunDun drums made by Jahman Sillah Bongos from the Gambia made by Jahman Sillah African Fabrics made in the Gambia for sale Mory - Jahman Sillah's CD
Dun-duns are the foundation of the drumming group. In Africa people dance and sing according to the bass beat so they are the most important part of any group. They are usually played by using three drums of different sizes placed on their side with a bell attached. Sticks are used for dun-duns.

Dun-duns are the hardest drum to make as they have two skins. The shell takes about three days to carve and the skin is cow skin. This is much thicker than goat skin so it needs to be soaked for 48 hours before itís ready to be used. In the meantime the rings need to be prepared and loops made ready for the rope.

When the skin is ready you set it on the drum using the rings and lace the rope through. Now you have to patient, the skin can take up to two weeks to dry in England as we are not blessed with the African sunshine! It takes roughly 4 days in Africa.

It is much easier to make duns if you have some willing helpers, some to pull and some to hold the drum down. Again tightening the rope determines the sound of the drum.

Jahman has been making djembes and dun duns for at least 20 years, during which time he has developed his expertise in this area. As he is primarily a player it is crucial to him that the drums are made well in order to get the right sound. His drums are played worldwide by both professionals and beginners and each drum is handmade with the same care and attention with which he makes his own drum.
The top community music organisation Planet Sound Community Arts have purchased over 70 of Jahmans drums for use in their workshops and are very happy give a reference to anyone who wants to ask about their quality - click here to contact them.

Jahman would quite happily play professionally on any of the drums he has made and each drum is made to order not on a mass production scale. How long an order would take would depend on its size and complexity. If you are interested in buying one of Jahman's drums and have a query it would be best to contact Jahman himself to get information.
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